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Welcome to Statesman Spaniels

A breeder of Welsh Springer Spaniels since 1979


For Late 2023
Grand CH Statesman's River Knight CHIC all normal "Tristan"

Statesman's Ferencz RN CHIC all normal "Feren"

For More Information Contact Susan Riese at

Statesman moved to Thomson, Georgia in May of 2023.     Susan plans to continue breeding one to two litters per year.  She is training both Darwin and Feren in field work and rally.   Statesman recently welcomed a new puppy:  Rolyart's Hands Down at Statesman aka Cassidy.  


Susan brings her education background of a biology major with masters and specialist postgraduate degrees in science education to her breeding program.   Susan has also taken many courses/seminars over the years covering genetics and structure which add to her ability to make sound decisions about her breeding program.


Being retired allows Susan to devote much of her time to the dogs including training and raising puppies.   Over the years, Susan has done extensive importing and exporting to/from England, Wales, Sweden, Finland, and Norway to help expand the gene pool and bring desired traits into her breeding program.  She has bred over one hundred American Kennel Club (AKC) champions including Westminster Kennel Club winners, WSSCA national specialty winners, winners at the Crufts Dog Show (the Westminster of Great Britain), and all-breed best in show winners.


Susan is also one of the few breeders who continues to work her dogs in the field.   Darwin has received qualifying Junior Hunter legs in both Illinois and Kentucky.  Several Statesman-bred Welsh have been very successful not only at hunting tests, but in other performance events including obedience, rally, barn hunt, trick dog and more.  Although she is very proud of these accomplishments, her main desire is to breed Welsh springer spaniels that are wonderful family companions. 

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