Feren 4mos.jpg


Statesman's Ferencz
(health testing will be done October 2022)
Sire:  Ch. Statesman's Let It Be CHIC
Dam:  Ch. Statesman's Goldikova CHIC
Feren 9 months.jpg

Feren was born in October 2020.  She has been busy with various activities since the move to northern Illinois.  She continues to go to dog shows.   She is close to finishing her championship as she has twelve point towards her needed fifteen points.   At two shows she beat champions and won five point majors each day.   

Feren went to a barn hunt training session where she was introduced to a caged rat.   Then she had the opportunity to find the rat in an opaque container.   She then needed to find the container hidden among straw bales.   She loved sniffing and barked and dug at the container when she found it.  I hope to see a RAT title behind her name in the future.

Feren has been introduced to game birds in the field.   We have been driving up to Wisconsin weekly and Feren is enjoying searching in the field for the bird.   At home we practice retrieves and basic obedience.   She is a quick learner.

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