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chloe Feb 2018.jpg


Champion Statesman's Goldikova CHIC

Sire: Champion Royaile's Willem of Windsor

Dam:  Champion Statesman's Think Pink CHIC
Chloe June 2020.jpg

In November 2022 Chloe went to live with the Kern family in Florida.   It is common among responsible breeders to place thfemales after breeding age...typically six or seven years of age.    Many people want an adult that has lived in the house and been trained and socialized.   The Kern family takes Chloe everywhere with them.   I will be adding photos at the bottom of this page.



It was at the annual national specialty for Welsh springer spaniels in Baltimore in May 0f 2016, that we saw a nice older male Welsh springer called Willem.   We liked him, his temperament, but what sold us on him was when both Willem and my boy, Cecil, were rolling around on their backs in the show ring next to each other.   This was in the veterans class when there was some down time.   Oh, how I wish I had a photo of those two boys.


So plans were made to breed Willem to our girl, Farah, at her next heat.   In October of 2016 the litter of three was born, including Chloe.  All three were health tested at age two...all with normal results and the two girls received hip ratings of good and the boy a rating of fair.


Chloe did not require many shows in order to complete her championship.  It was decided to breed her in October 2018 to Ch. Welford Jesmond Waterfall CHIC, an import from Sweden who had been shown and now lives in the USA.  A litter of two boys and six girls was born on January 26, 2019.   Hip results at two years of age:  seven OFA normal hips with one pup receiving a rating of OFA moderately dysplastic.   


Chloe's October 2020 litter, sired by Ch. Statesman's Let It Be "Darwin",  will not be old enough to test until October 2022.  There were nine pups in that litter, two boys and seven girls and seven of them had their hips and elbows tested.  All had normal elbows with two receiving ratings of OFA EXCELLENT hips and five receiving ratings of OFA GOOD hips.  


Chloe's December 2021 litter, again sired by Darwin, produced eight pups, four of each gender.   After this litter it was decided to spay and rehome Chloe.  She is now known as Ruby and continues to harass squirrels.  

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