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The charts below is for LIFETIME RANKING in the NATIONAL OWNER HANDLEr ASSOCIATION competition. Jessie contacted Statesman for a show puppy many years ago. Finally, in 2015 the timing was right for her and Statesman had a puppy that seemed to have what is needed for Jessie to be successful in the show ring...this puppy being the first dog that Jessie would be showing. The puppy became BRONZE GCH Statesman's Riverboat BelleTHDN, CGC "Lily". Lily died two summers ago from cancer, but her legazy lives on as being in sixth place for lifetime wins.

In 2020 Jessie acquired Feren's brother, CH Statesman's Faithful Waters "Colwyn" who is continuing in Lily's footsteps and currently in seventh place for lifetime wins...and Colwyn is only 3.5 years old.


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