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It is important for adquate socialization that the pups go to different places and meet different people. The problem is that the remaining immunity they got from their mother during their first 24 hours is not known.That immunity fades away over time, can vary from pup to pup, and there is no way to determine their levels of immunity.

They are too young for vaccinations (and if their maternal immunity is still present, then vaccinations are not effective...this is why pups need three sets of puppy shots between 7-16 weeks). The pups ride in the cart so their paws do not touch the ground which is where many infections are inhaled by the pups or they lick their paws.

Blaze and Big Boy got to ride in the cart and experience different people, noises, sights, and smells. The cart had to go over bumps and turn corners. They handled the challenge like champs. Thank you, Tractor Supply, for allowing dogs in your stores.


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