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Feren is nursing Blaze while licking Big Boy to get him to pee and poop which she will lick/eat. The seal holding the pups eyes closed is loosening. Maybe the first slit between upper and lower lids will be today.

The pups daily are doing Carmen Battagglia's Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises: 1) hold the pup with head up for 3-5 seconds, 2) hold the pup with head down for 3-5 seconds, 3) tickle between the toes for 3-5 seconds, 4) hold pup on its back for 3-5 seconds, and 5) place pup feet down on a chilled damp washcloth for 3-5 seconds. The exercises stimulate a pup's nervous, hormonal, adrenal, pituitary systems. It has been scientifically proven to show that pups which are mildly stressed in this way (days 3-16) are healthier. Google: Battagglia ENS for more information.


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