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Statesman Whelping Room Set Up

This is where Statesman pups are whelped and spend their first weeks. It is in a guest bedroom across from the master bedroom.

Statesman usually uses a kids plastic wading pool for the whelping "box". However, there were none available here when needed. In place of it, this pool was ordered online. You can see that most of the edges stay upright, but the edge nearest bends towards the center. It does not bend so much as to trap a puppy under it.

Big Boy has been checking out the bent edge. He may just climb out from it soon. Because of that possibility, the whelping box will be removed soon. The whole "fenced in" area will become the puppy pen with a pan with alfalfa pellets for the pups to eliminate, a small shipping crate with no door on it, a dog bed, and lots of hospital pads for pup accidents. There will be much more space for toys, too.

Finally, the computer is conventiently in the whelping room, too.


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